Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ritualization of Halloween: Part II

Like the pumpkins mentioned in Part I, my son has also ritualized his Halloween costumes. Fortunately, this is nothing that disrupts the household, so we can go with the flow on this one. He actually decided a couple of months ago what he was going to be for Halloween. Like the two previous years, it had to be something scary--no animal, popular culture, or career costumes for him. He already was a skeleton and a ghost, so we went down the list of scary possibilities. I don't really remember what all I proposed (it was two month ago), but he settled on my suggestion of a vampire. We found a Dracula costume and he is happy with it. Fortunately, he did not insist on fangs and fake blood.

He doesn't know this, but he actually looks handsome in the white fancy shirt with red velvet vest and a high-collared cape rather than scary. I'm not about to point that out to him either. Anyway, I was a proud mama this morning around 9:15 as I watched the entire elementary school march down the street in costume. My son looked great amongst the pirates, super heroes, witches and princesses. I only saw one other vampire.

Now that he has dressed scary for the last three years including this one, I know that choosing a scary costume is a ritual for him and that the next three or four years or so will be predictable in terms of costumes. At least we have a few options left--scarecrow, mummy, a variety of monsters, Frankenstein...

P.S. Kudos to the Vowles Elementary school staff for going with the 101 Dalmation theme. The teachers, aides and staff were dalmation puppies and the administration were the villians. The principal, in dog catching garb, carried a big net with a small stuffed puppy. You all looked great!
Happy Halloween

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