Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bigfoot in the Woods

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hiking with Bigfoot, my two sons, and my older son's friend in the woods down the street from us. My Bigfoot, however, does not have big feet. He wears a size ten shoe. My son's friend, a twelve year old, just happens to share a fascination of the legendary creature said to have really big feet with the guy I married.

The twelve year old, who became Bigfoot on Halloween, (with the help of his mother who sews) brought his costume on his last overnight stay. His hope was to lend his costume to my certain someone who had talked about wearing such a costume in the woods the last time the twelve year old stayed overnight. To all three of the boys' (ages 4-12) delight that certain someone agreed.

The sleepover occurred on a Saturday night. The next morning the sun shone through crisp fall air. By 9:30 a.m., five out of the six people in my house were eager to set out for the hike. What can I say? I'm not a morning person. Outnumbered I went along. I also had to drive, because Bigfoot insisted that we all would be better off if I was behind the wheel.

There was still a lot of color in the woods last weekend. Golds, browns, reds mixed with some greens abounded. But I probably was the only one who noticed. My bigfoot kept disappearing only to jump out at my two sons who squealed with delight. The twelve year old, now without a costume, played the same disappearing game. His friend, my nine-year-old son with a mild form of autism, was a little bit baffled by the twelve year old's frequent disappearances.

"Why does he keep running ahead?" he asked me.

"Because he is playing the same game as your dad," I said.

My answer did not quite register with my son. I provided the same answer at least three more times. The last time he asked, my son was really concerned about his friend. We, along with Bigfoot and the little brother, were at the end of the trail and his friend was nowhere in sight. I kind of suspected that the twelve year old was hiding behind our van. My suspicions soon proved to be true.

"Rahhhh!!!" Bigfoot, in the form of a boy jumped out at us one last time. The hike and the game was over. Pictures to provide proof of the hike with Bigfoot were taken. Everyone (even me I guess) had a good time. The only mild disappointment was that there was no one else to spot Bigfoot and to possibly be fooled that it was the real deal.

Only one other person saw us. She was walking her dog down the street. I noticed her glance at Bigfoot as he climbed into the passenger seat.

"We hiked with Bigfoot today," I explained, feeling rather sheepish. She smiled and continued on her walk. I drove Bigfoot and the rest of the crew home.

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M said...

"I also had to drive, because Bigfoot insisted that we all would be better off if I was behind the wheel."

Of course. Can you imagine what a cop would have said to bigfoot had the van been pulled over with bigfoot driving?