Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bylaws, Bylaws, Bylaws

What can I say? I'm mostly responsible for my very busy week. I suppose I'm feeling a bit edgy because there is a Central Michigan Autism Planning meeting tomorrow night and I haven't done all my "homework." We are getting ready to send in our application packet to Autism Society of America in order to become a recognized chapter. It really is exciting (no sarcasm here), but I have to proofread our bylaws before we meet because we are going to vote on them.

For some reason I volunteered to chair the bylaw committee back in early Summer. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It still does. I just have to do the work and am feeling guilty that I haven't attended to it sooner.

Procrastination generally is not a good idea, but sometimes other projects seem to come up first. Projects like taking down fall decorations, setting up a six-foot-tall Chrismas tree (a request from my two boys), and writing on this blog for instance. Not to mention laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

But now, I have no more excuses. The babysitter, a Central Michigan University College student, is here to babysit my four-year-old this afternoon. She'll also have my oldest son for about an hour. So soon, I'll be pulling out the folder with guidelines, printing out the most reason version of the bylaws and then reading and correcting it into a final copy.

Hopefully, all will go well. Our committee of six to eight used a template and then had two meetings to adjust the bylaws to fit the needs of our smaller group. (The template was written for a group at the state level.) It's only about eight pages long. The hard part is just getting started. It's a mental block of sorts. I'll feel better when it is done.

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