Thursday, December 13, 2007

ANTM Cycle Nine Winner Revealed

And the winner is: Saleisha Stowers

Runner ups: Chantal Jones (second place); Jenah Doucette (third).

I wonder who the true winner is? The true winner is the contestant whose career in modeling actually takes off after this cycle is over. True winners don't necessarily have to become super models. Just signing with a major modeling agency and maintaining one's contract over a period that lasts more that two years is a sign of success. Another sign of success? Becoming a spokesperson for a cause. More than one model per cycle can be a true winner.

I wish all of the models well. Usually there is a live recap show the week after the finale. If this is the case, I'll write a post next week about the live show and then will stop writing about Heather Kuzmich and America's Next Top Model (ANTM ) for awhile. I'll probably not have a chance to blog about ANTM much in the future. I'll miss that, but I really must stick to posts about autism spectrum disorder.

For a brief but informative article on autism go to: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder

To discover the success of previous ANTM models go to Wikipedia and click on respective names. There is a great chart for all of the cycles that lists the order of elimination and includes the winners. If the girl's name is in blue, then that means there is a separate entry for the model. Click on the highlighted name to read about a favorite. The entries for particular girls also include links to their personal sites if the model has one. There are two personal sites listed for Heather's entry.

For my previous posts about Heather Kuzmich go to:

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Poll update: For a two-week poll that closed December 26, I asked readers if Heather Kuzmich was the true winner of cycle nine of America's Next Top Model. There were twenty four votes. Seventy percent (seventeen) said yes. Five voters said no and two voters were not sure.

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