Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Bull/Frog: Artwork Inspired by My Son

I am lucky to have a great babysitter. "K" loves my boys and the boys love her. She's also a talented art student at the nearby university.

When assigned to create a sculpture depicting two animals "K" immediately thought of my son who can be happy and hoppy like a frog (his favorite animal), but who is also a child who can rage like a bull when upset. What can I say? He can be bull-headed. "K" knows my son well.

About my son: Has more froglike moments than bull-like moments.

About "K": An unflappable, yet relaxed and easygoing person who fits in wonderfully with our family.

My thoughts on the artwork: A wonderful, whimsical piece.

Notes from the artist:

the bull part is made of welded sheet steel, the arms and legs are made of round steel bar, and the back frog part is made of sheet copper that is sown together around the outside with wire.

Her grade: A well-deserved A.


Casdok said...

Very impressive!
A well deserved A!

Maddy said...

What a real creative asset!
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"which takes you straight to my new blog.

J said...

I was pretty excited when K emailed me the picture. I'm proud of both the artist and the muse.

I've visited both Whitterer on Autism and the blog of Mother of Shrek and have enjoyed them both very much. Am glad to be part of this little corner of the web universe.