Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"The Lorenzenmobile is missing!"

The snowstorm we had last weekend inspired my husband drive to work instead of making his usual 10 to 15 minute trek on foot. I don't blame him. We received about ten inches of snow and there are mountains piled up everywhere.

Usually we park our cranberry-colored mini-van in the driveway and keep the little blue car in our small garage. There are a few windows in our foyer which looks out into our drive. It's easy to see what's there and what's not in terms of vehicles.

Both boys were home from school yesterday. My little one is already on winter break from his preschool and my eldest had a snow day. The two were in our foyer putting on the necessary gear to go outside when the nine-year-old with high functioning autism looked outside.

"The Lorenzenmobile is missing!" He shouted.

I had panicked for a moment. The driveway was empty. Then I remembered my husband took the van.

"Oh daddy, drove to work today because he didn't want to walk through all the snow."

"Dad drove the Lorenzenmobile to work?"

Yes, dad drove to work.

"Oh," he replied, and that was the end of that scenario until this morning. It was a bit unusual because usually a few repetitions are necessary for thoughts to sink in.

This morning my husband decided to brave the snow so I could drive the nine-year-old to school (which is also a walkable distance). The three of us, including me and my almost five-year-old, went through our usual morning routine and one of us opened the door to venture outside.

"The Lorenzenmobile is back. Cool!"

Cool indeed.