Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Holiday Travels Come to an End

Whew. We're finally home after being on the road since Tuesday. Today's trip consisted of a three-and-a-half to four hour road trip. I made sure I took a nap because I have a lot of house cleaning and other stuff to do. I'll be back to cooking and cleaning, but am done with living out of a suitcase and not sleeping well in the three different locations we visited.

My sons both slept well (at night) everywhere they went, so that was a blessing. They also ride in the van pretty well, although they had one little scuffle on the way home which ended my nap because someone had to break it up and my husband was driving. At least my kids will be entertained for a while with their new toys, although we have to find storage homes for all of them.

I can also celebrate reaching my goal of being graceful during all our visits with family members. I told a couple of people ahead of time that I was under a lot of stress this year and not to take any snappiness personally. But I didn't snap or growl at anyone, so I am glad for that.

My son with autism still had his fingers in his ears this morning upstairs in my sister's house although it was quiet compared to yesterday afternoon/evening. Today the TV was off and the mood was subdued. We are guessing maybe it was the clicking and clacking on a Pergo floor from the paws of Elsa, the resident black lab. I'll have to remember this little problem the next time we plan to visit Sturgis, Michigan so we can get my nine year old to participate a little more socially.

My little one is happily playing with his toys while the older one with autism rotates between picking up his lap harp and wondering around. He and his brother will probably play his froggy game if my husband or I sits down with them. The man of the house will probably take a couple naps. He did some unpacking and all of the driving so his moments of rest are well deserved.

Note: It's funny how much whiter the ground became as we drove North. Supposedly Mt. Pleasant received five to six inches of snow while we were gone, but the areas we visited received very little snow. Luckily, we didn't encounter any storms while on the road.


Casdok said...

Well done for being gracefull!! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful 2008!
Cas and C x

J said...

Best wishes for your new year too.
Thanks for posting regular comments. You helped to keep me writing through the holiday. Take care, JML