Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa 2007 Post

Well, it looks like Santa Claus might have to wear ice skates in certain parts of the United States on Christmas Eve. The ice storm didn't hit Central Michigan but we did get plenty of rain and wind, with snow flurries coming in later.

We did have quite a bit of snow, but a lot of it melted away with the rain. It looks like we'll still have a white Christmas which has been unusual for the past several years. Normally we do not see a lot of snow here until mid-January. But alas, in terms of a snowy ground, this area is ready for Santa and his sleigh to arrive. We won't have to tell our boys Santa will put wheels on his sleigh this year.

I don't know if we'll regret the little white lies about Santa or not. My husband and I both went through the rites of passage--believing in St. Nicholas, only to find out at about the age of eight that he's actually an imaginary figure. My son with autism is nine. He might believe in the jolly old guy for another year or two. My youngest son will turn five in three weeks. He's a sharp little man who will discover the Santa Claus secret earlier than most. I'm guessing seven. When he finds out he will undoubtedly tell my older guy.

I'm wondering if one or both of the boys will be mad at us. I have heard a story of a teenager with Asperger's who still hasn't quite forgiven his mom for letting him believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. He found out the truth five years ago. I do feel a little guilty about carrying on the myth. Then again, I do have a banner hanging in my living room. It has a Santa Claus and the word "Believe." I also appreciate the message behind the book/movie The Polar Express.

Little kids get excited about Christmas and it is evident that Santa is the one who helps put that sparkle of excitement in their eyes. Adults often lose that excitement. Maybe part of it is because they lost Santa and maybe even a little bit of the faith that originated the holiday. Maybe it's just the extraordinary amount of expectations put on the shoulders of adults during the holiday season--which at times seems like a season of endurance rather than enjoyment.

That said, the magic of Santa is kind of nice to have around. If we think about it Santa really does exist. The spirit of giving is around everywhere. Santa just looks a little different than most of us have pictured.


Maddy said...

Definitely a time to shrug off all the extras and settle down to enjoy the few finer points.
Best wishes

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J said...

I agree. : )

Casdok said...

A difficukt one. My son dosnt understand so i dont have that problem!
Have a wonderful time!

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

We too love the message of 'The Polar Express' - a favourite in our house.

It's lovely having a sense of 'magic' at Christmas time.