Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twelve years ago...

Twelve years ago today I married the love of my life--my college sweetheart. We met as commuter students at Bowling Green State University. I was a journalism major: he studied philosophy. We had the same break between classes one semester and met at the communter center.

Luckily, the sun shone and the winter storms stayed away the day we were married. Today, here in Michigan (and also Ohio) we are experiencing a huge snow storm which means eight to ten inches of snow.

Hopefully the storm will be over by this afternoon as predicted. We've scheduled a babysitter and are hoping to go out to dinner, a movie, and make sure that Santa comes with a few more things that he already plans to bring. I'm not sure how the roads will be. We might just have to cancel if our sitter doesn't want to come. Normally the drive between her place and ours is five minutes, but it may take longer--especially since she lives in an apartment complex just outside of town. She might not want to risk it.

However, at the moment I still have hope which may wane as time goes on. So that is why I was I was looking up movie times this morning. I still needed to email my sitter with the ideal time to come. My husband and I discussed it aloud, and my older son with high functioning autism said "Oh, "K" is coming today!.

"Yes it's our anniversary today and your dad and I hope to go on a date," I said.

"Oh, Happy anniversary mom and dad!"

"Happy anniversary," my little one echoed in his "me too" (not echolaiac) style.

Then we received his gift from us: a song to the tune of "Happy Birthday."

"Happy anniversary to you," he sang. He also did his little rocking thing he does while he sings.

It was great. From him, we couldn't have received a better gift.


Casdok said...

How lovely!
Happy anniversary!

J said...

Thanks. I appreciate your comments. An update: we needed three helpers (adult men) to get us out of our driveway after the snow plow came along, but did manage to go out to eat and to a movie.