Sunday, January 27, 2008

Arts Camp for Kids with ASD: January Pottery Painting Field Trip a Success

Whew, the January Field trip was a success! I planned that one (for my son's art and music camp) from start to finish and feel a surprising sense of relief. Hadn't realized how tense I was before the trip. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong but didn't. Thank goodness for that!

My family of four attended. My husband dug a few froggy stamps out for my oldest to use on his tile. The kid ignored the stamps and painted what he called "a masterpiece" which was actually a solid mass of green. We gave him different shades, so at least there was variety. Our son gets the award for using the most paint. We had to watch him because he almost made a huge mess twice. That's unusual because it's usually his brother who is the mess maker.

I joked that while Picasso had his blue period, my guy is going through a green period. However unlike Picasso, in my son's case green signifies happiness as he loves painting and being with his friends from the camp. He had been excited about this trip all week.

My youngest delighted in using a stamp for his tile and also stuck to one color: pink. He also enjoyed the experience and sang and sang as he painted. He has this cute little voice that puts a smile on my face.

Inspired by my sons, I painted a 'mommy mug' featuring frogs, cats, green and pink. We'll see how it turns out. We won't get the pieces back for a couple of weeks because they need to be glazed and fired by the staff. My husband just hung out and teased all the kids about getting paint in their hair. His specialty at these trips is giving them all a hard time in his usual ornery, but harmless way.

Anyway, here is the report I filed to the director of the camp:

Five campers, five siblings and five parents met at Let's Do the Dishes in Mt. Pleasant Michigan on January 26. Campers, siblings and even a few parents painted either a tile, plate or mug. The field trip was affordable as the pieces were priced between five and seven dollars.

We all had a nice time chatting, painting and just being together. Everyone behaved nicely and no one got paint in their hair! : ) The coordinator noticed that animals, flowers and butterflies were the most popular motifs although one camper painted a cute smiley face on a plate and another camper decorated a plate with a dragon.


Casdok said...

Sounds great!!
I would have been the one with paint in my hair!

Maddy said...

That would almost be enough of a lure to force me to go camping!
Best wishes