Thursday, January 31, 2008

From My Son's Point of View:

Here are some of my nine year old's recent thoughts.

On Money:

The TV: "What's in your wallet?"

My son: "I don't have a wallet!"

On Romance:

The Backstory: My son, his brother and their dad are at a local drugstore buying candy (of all things) after a trip to the video store. While checking out, my son notices the twenty-something cashier's name tag.

My son: "Oh your name is Ashley!*
The cashier: "Yes it is."
My son: "My phone number is 555-4321*
His dad: "She's too old for you."
Everyone else: laughter.

On the Future:

My son: When I grow older, I'll get bigger, go to high school and then to college.
Me: Speechless.

*Changed the name and phone number.


Casdok said...

Love it!!

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

The romance part - very funny... but so logical to him I'll bet!

And I think the statement on the future would leave me speechless too!!

J said...

To Casdok: Me too. Those three examples are the best type of moments around here.

To Elissa: Yep, he thinks he's being logical. May actually work for him when he gets older. Sometimes all it takes is confidence and so far he has loads of it...

As for the his statement on the future, I'm still speechless but smiling all the same. : )

Marla said...

Adorable. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you keep coming back! I will be doing some more reading in your archives.

J said...

You are welcome. I did visit today.
Also, welcome to my blog. May I suggest "Snow Therapy?" It's one of my better recent ones.