Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad and C.L.!

I took this photo five years ago, four months after my son was born. Today my youngest child turns five and my dad turns 80. Yep, they are exactly 75 years apart. My dad, born on January 16, 1928, will be celebrating his birthday in the Sanford, FL area where he spends his winters with my step-mom.

We will be taking in frosted home-baked, strawberry-flavored cupcakes (from a box mix) in to my son's preschool class. For the week, as a birthday honoree, he has a picture collage in the school's "Me Museum." The main celebration for my son will be on Saturday.

P.S. I was a surprise baby who was born when both parents were 43 years old. I also have a step-niece who turns seven today.


Casdok said...

Happy birthdays!
A double celebration! How wonderful.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Wow! What a special day in your house!!!

A big happy birthday to your son and your dad... and your step-niece too!