Monday, January 28, 2008

Individuals with Autism Eligible for Special Olypmics

I found out awhile ago that individuals with autism are eligible for Special Olympics. Two or three years ago my husband had talked with a woman with Asperger's Syndrome who once competed in the Special Olympics as a swimmer. When my husband told me about this conversation it changed my perception that Special Olympics is only for people with mental retardation.

Back then my guy with autism was only six or seven and I was just beginning to network in terms of finding opportunities in which he could participate. At the age of nine, he is now eligible to compete along with other athletes in Special Olympics-Michigan (SOMI). Before that he was eligible for a skills-building program that did not happen to be located in our city.

Now that a couple of years have passed my son has finally become an Olympian. I'm friends with a woman who has a son who did participate in the skills building program as a youngster with autism. Now she is working as a volunteer to get younger athletes to participate. We are amongst her first recruits.

Anyway, last night I wrote a post about his first experience with Special Olympics. He bowled yesterday with his dad, but I accidentally buried the post in the blog when I forgot to date the post for today. So now I have given my fingers and brain another workout by writing another post. I don't mind though, Special Olympics is a wonderful organization that is a great subject for this blog.


Casdok said...

I think special Olympics are fab!

Hw exciting to be a recruit!

J said...

We're pretty excited about it.