Friday, January 4, 2008

Jigsawdoku: a hit in our house

What is Jigsawdoku? It's a popular and very addictive online game (in our house, anyway) that is a variation of the popular puzzle sudoku. The difference between sudoku and jigsawdoku is that with the latter game each number, letter or symbol has a different color.

The number one, for example, is always red, while twos are always yellow. The colors make the numbers easier to see. I prefer this game because I have a slight perception problem and the colors allow me to easily align the numbers.

The boys like the game because there is a four by four option that is much easier than the standard nine by nine puzzle that I usually complete. They each like to complete three puzzles in one sitting. They choose a different symbol option each time. One can opt for numbers, letters or pictures.

There is also a six by six version with the opportunity to choose between easy and medium. The four by four puzzle has only one level option (easy) and the nine by nine has the three level options of easy, medium and hard. One can also try for a record personal time or see how one's time stands up to the times of other puzzlers. The game is perfect for kids of all ages.

Additional note: I thought I'd stick with yesterday's math theme for today's post. While addition and subtraction seems to be hard for my son, sequencing and patterns are not. That could be why this game is a hit with him instead of a miss.


Casdok said...

Being a sudoku addict i dont think i had better even look at this game! But then again i might just take a peek!

J said...

If you are a true sudoku addict, it is likely that you'll find this site difficult to resist. I have to admit that I spent hours over the last few months playing jigsawdoku!