Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One More Day of Winter Break

Here in Mt. Pleasant, MI we did not get phenomenal amount of snow that parts of the Midwest received. Detroit received between ten and sixteen inches on New Year's Day. We probably received one or two. The storm missed us. We were too far North. Go figure.

However, we still have plenty of snow. This is actually a good thing, because my boys love to play in it. I appreciate that option because I'm home alone all day with both of them. We all have snow boots, snow pants and other necessary winter gear. Santa brought a larger sled than the one we already have and that will come in handy. There is also plenty of powdered chocolate in the cupboard for a cup of cocoa after outdoor play so we are all set.

Dad went back to work today. My oldest (the nine year old with autism) doesn't go back to school until tomorrow. I love spending time with both boys, but the older one tends to be a bit more of a handful when dad is not home. He knows he can get away more with mom. I've learned to be more firm, but not in time to prevent my son from learning how to manipulate his mother to a certain extent. Ugh.

My biggest coping mechanism for days like this is to plan plenty of activities. Besides playing in the snow we will probably also take down our Christmas tree. At some point we will break open all the art supplies we received as presents. We have Play Dough, Crayola Paints, and some clay-like materials. My husband and I (with boys in tow)also planned to meet at the local Subway for lunch.

This was strategic planning because we know the son with autism likes to get out of the house and doesn't always count outdoor play as a satisfying outing. Yesterday, playing outside was enough, but I have a feeling that today he'll be more demanding.

It's about nine a.m. at the time I'm writing this post. My little one is up, but the big one is still in bed. I think I'll let him sleep for awhile. I still have to shower and get dressed for the big day ahead. Hopefully the hours until dad gets home will go by quickly and peacefully (no dramatic outbursts).


Casdok said...

Hope you do manage to have a peacful day! :)

J said...

The day was relatively peaceful. Thanks.