Saturday, January 12, 2008

Take My Mahalo Challenge

When my husband went to a luau, complete with the roasted pig, hula dancers and the like, a lovely Hawaiian woman put a shell necklace around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek. As prompted, he accepted the necklace by saying mahalo. Mahalo means thank you in the native Hawaiian language.

My husband's story prompted me to feature the website Mahalo (go to the end of this post for a description) today in the form of a contest. No, I do not know anyone associated with the site. This is just pure inspiration on my part. Winners will be recognized at this site. I'm not sure what the prizes will be, but promise they'll be good ones. The honorable mentions will likely be a mention of everyone participating. See details below.

P.S. My son with autism just let me know that aloha means hello and Mahalo means thank you. I didn't know he picked those words up already.
The Contest

(ends after ten days, that's on Wednesday, January 23, 2008)

1. Twenty points for finding a autism-related site on Mahalo that you never came across before and writing about it on your blog. Just let me know so I can give you credit!

2. Five extra points for crediting me for inspiring the post (no link necessary.)

3. Five Points for participating in my poll. Just tell me that you voted. Honor system invoked here.

4. Ten points for a detailed comment about Mahalo. (See Mark's post in comment section for a good example.)

5. Twenty points for the person coming up with the most words by rescrambling the letters from Mahalo. Hawaiian and English words of any length will be accepted. Freebie example: ham (don't forget to include it on your list). To be fair, each list will be kept secret until contest ends. Submit your list to me by commenting.

It is not mandatory to have a blog or participate in all five ways listed. The amount of participation depends on how competitive you are. Also you can earn points by commenting throughout the week. You do not have to report or try for points all at once. I'll keep tabs. So far, it looks like that will be easy enough to do. This is a friendly and fun type of contest.

Thank you (Mahalo) for Participating!

(Updated on 12 January 2008 to make contest less convoluted!)


About Mahalo in Their Own Words:

1. Mahalo is a human-powered search engine that creates organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results for the most popular search terms. Our search results only include great links.

2. Many of the great links we find are very hard to find on Google. People who use Mahalo often find great links that they'd never discovered with Google, despite many searches. Our comprehensive result pages also offer great related links that you may not have thought to look for.

3. Say goodbye to spam, mediocre content, and deceptive sites.

4. We focus on the areas where traditional search engines struggle.

5. You can recommend high-quality links to any search term on Mahalo, either by using Mahalo Follow.

6. Mahalo's goal is to hand-write and maintain the top 50,000 search terms


Maddy said...

Sound awfully complicated, but maybe I'm just still jet lagged?

Mark said...

FindingDulcinea is another site that uses human judgment and insight to direct users to the best sources of information about a subject. You may find that it has better and more consistent editorial standards than Mahalo, and lays out all the sites related to autism in a single, straightforward, well narrated Web Guide, rather than requiring you to type in multiple search terms. The autism guide also has a "parent" Web guide with excellent advice on how to approach Web research. Here's a link to the Autism Web Guide.

J said...

To Maddy:

That's what my husband said too, although he's also jet-lagged (from his trip to Hawaii)! Perhaps, though I should simplify, revise the contest, and extend the deadline. This is the first time I tried anything like this so bear with me as I learn from my mistakes. Do you have an opinion on which aspects (organized by number) should be kept and which ones should be thrown out? If not, I'll just do my best and take the jet lagged hubby's advice, though at his second full day home, he has been hit pretty hard with fatigue.

To Mark:
Thank you for your opinion. Will have to check out FindingDulcinea. Chose Mahalo to fit my Hawaii theme I've got going on, but realize it may not be the best choice for researching autism sites. Most of the referrals I get from that site are from places like Hong Kong. Something tells me that even if this contest fails big time, I'll learn a few things. Thanks again for your input.

J said...

I revised this post to be more clear about the rules. Hope everyone agrees. Feel free to ask a question about any of the five ways to score points. Take care--jml.

Brandon said...

I only had time for the word game:

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried ?
They are a search engine that focuses on JUST health topics.

J said...

No, I've never tried looking at OrganizedWisdom. Perhaps someday I will.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a part time Guide at Mahalo. My 6 year old son is also autistic and I have to say that I was impressed with their autism page..but I wasn't "Wow'ed" by it. Since Mahalo uses Google for their results what I found that happens is they throw the top 20 links from Google up there and figure they're the best information for this topic. Anyone that has an autistic child knows that it goes much much deeper than that. Unless you have an autistic child you can't fathom everything that goes along with it, so their page is more than half incomplete, at best. If you're not on the health team you can't contribute to pages like this, which is unfortunate. Experience will win over the ability to read a link any day of the week. Mahalo to your son!