Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 Birthday Tribute to Autism Dad

Three decades ago plus a few years and then some, my in-laws received a Valentines Day gift one day early in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed baby boy. This baby grew up to be a wonderful father and husband (twelve years and counting). He was born on Friday the 13th which is fitting for him. He's not scary. He just has quirky interests as well as a quirky sense of humor. He loves Bigfoot lore, football, soccer, and teasing his boys and the college students who work in his department at the library on our local campus.

Is the CMU (aka the Chippewas) cheer "Let's go fire up Cheeseburgers!"? Or is it "Let's Go Fire Up Chips!"? He has teased the boys so much with that one that he no longer gets a reaction from them. As for the college students, do student workers at the library really get paid time and a half for working on Groundhogs Day (February 2)? Needless to say, he loves it when new hires come in, so he can recycle his old jokes.

As for me, I have gotten used to him saying "that's free if it doesn't scan" or "don't forget the librarian discount!" whenever we check out at a restaurant or store. The only success he has with those statements is getting a variety of reactions from service employees (from puzzlement to wise-in-the-ways laughter) and an eye roll and snarky comment from me. As far as I know he has yet to receive a librarian discount.

I rarely fall for one of his stories anymore (although when we first started dating, I fell for them all the time). Now his coworkers look to me if they don't quite believe something while I'm there. They can count on me (most of the time) to deny or confirm a story-- much to his chagrin. His stories are harmless and in good fun. He tells the truth when when it comes to important topics. One just has to get used to him.

As he said last night when talking about our family: "we are all quirky." He's the perfect fit in our immediate family "puzzle" of four people and two cats. We're made up of both Aspergian(s) and Quirkians. Happy Birthday Honey.


Casdok said...

Yes a very happy birthday from a quirky blogger!

M said...

Thank you Dear.

Marla said...

Very sweet.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Happy birthday!!