Monday, February 4, 2008

2008 Super Bowl Party Boys

They were the kitchen helpers, the greeters, the photographers, the Scrabble assistants (drawing tiles) and the entertainers. They were my boys.

Our Super Bowl parties are potluck style. Year after year people ask what they can bring, so we tell them. This year we were lucky to receive many great dishes: Bombay bowl (spicy garbanzo bean salad from my Indian friend), a tossed salad with cilantro dressing, deli olives, a bottle of merlot from a company called Penguin Feet, the stickiest, most delicious, homemade brownies ever, and a yummy chocolate cream pie from the Great Traverse Pie Company (based in Traverse City, MI). Librarians are notorious chocolate lovers...

We served a vegetarian "to die for chili" (previously made up name) which is actually a casserole made with corn chips, chili beans, kidney beans, frozen corn, green chilies, black olives, salsa and cheese. It's a simple dish that requires much dumping from cans--perfect for kids. My older son loves to help with these types of dishes. He poured in all the beans and the diced green chilies. He even spread the ingredients out with a spoon so that they covered the entire casserole. He also helped me by opening and closing the oven door and by turning on the oven light. The little guy helped some too, although not as much as his older brother.

We had five guests in all and my two boys greeted every single one at the door with equal enthusiam (aka smiling and jumping around).

"Oh the first guest is here!"

"Two more are coming, now we have three!" You get the idea...

I bought a disposable camera for the occasion. We've gone through three digital ones already, so it's more practical for us to buy disposables. They might be more expensive in the long run, but we never have to worry about breakages.
As for the good news, our guests were good sports when my son with autism took photos of all them at close range. The bad news is that he nearly blinded them all with the flash. The guests also expressed disinterest in seeing the results. I guess when one reaches a certain age, the idea of looking at a close up of ones self is not very pleasant. My five year old took a few photos too, but fortunately his range is further than one and half or two feet.

Three guests joined me for Scrabble. Out of the four players, only one really cared about the football game (it wasn't me). The boys, of course, wanted to play too. Two of us (me included) agreed to let each of them assist us. They helped by drawing tiles. The oldest one kept wanted to peer into the bag, but we managed to get him to close his eyes. His expression was pretty cute as he squeezed his eyes shut. The little one did pretty well too. They did lose interest after a while though. I think that was about the time the sugar from the two pieces of pie and two brownies started to course through their small bodies.

I'm not sure how the boys came up with the idea, but they decided to have a talent show. We have kept all the costumes from Halloweens past for playing dress up. A wizard hat happens to be in the mix. The little guy put some of his favorite small toys in and "magically" pulled them out. They also took turns "disappearing" and "reapperaing" from underneath the card table covered with a lime green, plastic table cloth. My husband and I weren't nearly as amused as our guests. We didn't want the boys to distract too much attention from the game.

Alas, though, their 8:30 p.m. bedtime came before the game ended around 9:35 p.m. My one friend hummed the goodnight song from The Sound of Music as the two boys sincerely expressed their goodnights. The three of us then headed up the stairs. The boys settled down easily considering all the sugar that must have been still lingering in their system.

"That was the best Super Bowl Party ever!" my nine year old exclaimed as I kissed his forehead.

P.S. The Giants narrowly defeated The Patriots. My husband is calling the game a classic, although I wouldn't know...


Marla said...

I love love love Scrabble and am always begging my friends to play it with me!

J said...

It's my favorite game. Only problem is finding the time to play. Would suggest setting up an online game, but being the busy blogger moms that we are...