Saturday, February 16, 2008

Autism: the Musical Premiering March 25 on HBO

In just a few weeks HBO will be showing Autism: The Musical. I think that's great because the documentary looks like it displays the abililites of kids who have autism in a positive manner. If you click on the link you will a see a promo poster of five kids being kids. Three are smiling, one looks thoughtful and another is doing something goofy that any adolescent of that age might do for the camera. Just looking at the photo one might think these children just potraying someone who is on the spectrum.

However, all five (one girl and four boys) have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism: the Musical is a documentary about these kids putting on a musical.

The announcement reminds me of another documentary called Yellow Brick Road, which was also shown on HBO. That documentary was also shown on cable and was about a group of individuals with various challenges who put on the Wizard of OZ. Every person who wanted to be in the production was given a part of some kind and that was inspiring. That production, despite the unreliablility of one of the principal players, was a success and so was the documentary.

According to the HBO website, "Yellow Brick Road Chronicles the heartwarming efforts of a Long Island based organization called A.N.C.H.O.R. (Answering the Needs of Citizens with Handicaps through Organized Recreation) as they mount a performance of The Wizard of Oz. Rising to the occasion, the cast exudes a sense of wonder, enthusiasm and dedication that reveals the positive impact of community-based efforts to bring joy and purpose to people living with disabilities. "

Anyway, I hope that Autism: The Musical is just as inspiring. I will definitely put this on my calendar. Hopefully, this documentary will not be disappointing.

About Autism the Musical from the official site:

"Following five Los Angeles children over the course of six months, director Tricia Regan captures the struggles and triumphs of their family lives and observes how this musical production gives these performers a comfort zone in which they can explore their creative sides.

Both on and off stage, AUTISM: THE MUSICAL is a call-to-arms, bringing attention to a modern-day epidemic, all the while celebrating the way the human spirit can overcome any challenge. AUTISM: THE MUSICAL will be premiering on HBO Tuesday March 25th with a DVD release to follow. "

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