Friday, February 29, 2008

Blogger Friends and "Sib Week" Has Kept Me Blogging

Award Note: If you look at the two symbols (the less than sign and the three), you'll see a sideways heart. Translation: "I love your blog!"

Working with a respective theme the last two weeks has given me much needed focus and determination to keep writing. I also like the way sticking to a theme allows one to really explore a topic. The week before I focused on Adults with Autism. This week my theme is Siblings of Children/Adults with Special Needs (not just autism).

Anyway, my blogging energy has been fading lately, but deep down I want to keep writing. It helps to know that I have blogger friends out there who have encouraged me in their own ways. A super-harsh winter, a couple of recent deaths of loved ones, and a ton of advocacy work has left me feeling more than a little tired (mentally) lately.

First, thanks to Marla for writing in about what it is like to be a sibling of someone with special needs. If you have a chance, please take the time to read her comment on my post. The post is titled Siblings: my local editor's column about his two sons. Marla's insights are priceless.

Also thanks to Elissa at Managing Autism for writing about her beautiful little girl on her own blog as well as posting a few lovely pictures. Elissa created a truly wonderful tribute to the little sib in her family. Her post was a very thoughtful nod to my "sib week." I appreciate, too, her very nice comments on my posts.

I also am grateful for the many thoughtful comments (on some pre-sib week posts) of Casdok, Maddy (who gave me the less than three award on Monday) and everyone else who has commented this week or before (mind a little too foggy to list everyone.) I kind of like (love in Julie speak) this corner of the mom blogosphere to which I seem to belong. Feel free to pass on the award. I tried without success to post the picture of the award today. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it on this post by tomorrow. Update: Had a little more success today (March 1) getting the award posted--as you can see!

My Blogger Agenda:

Saturday, I'll wrap "sib week up with my newly started (last Saturday was the unofficial first offering) CREATIVE CORNER . I'm not sure if I'll start another theme on Sunday or if I'll begin a blogger break to recharge my energy. If you have a chance please stop by--that is if you like a little poetry, kiddy drawings and/or butterflies. I haven't decided if I'll stick soley to themed weeks, but hopefully the Creative Corner will stay. I'm thinking it might be a great way to share the creative endeavors of my entire family (and maybe other friends and contributors as well.)

Next week is Spring Break at Central Michigan University. My boys will still be in school and my husband at work (the library on campus will still be open) so we'll stay in frozen Michigan. Oh, for a little sun and warmth. I think it was only seven degrees yesterday smack here in smack dab in the middle of what has been dubbed "The Mitten" (lower pennisula of Michigan). As for me, I do need a little time to catch up with housecleaning and advocacy projects. Oh, I'll probably write at least two posts next week. I just can't help myself...


Casdok said...

Thank you!
I also find i have highs and lows with blogging, so you are not alone. I think themes are a great idea.
Hope you recharge and get some blogging energy!!

J said...

You are most welcome. I've really appreciated your support. I hope I get some energy back too! May keep the themed week going for awhile. Not sure how long. We'll see...

Marla said...

Thank you so much. I am glad my comment was appreciated. Some times you comment and comment and blog and blog and wonder what you are doing. I do think we are all supporting one another though and through blogging we are becoming stronger.

I like your idea of picking weekly themes. Your posts have inspired me to give more thought to my relationship growing up with my sister and trying to write a post on it. I have asked my mom to be a guest on my blog on what it was like raising three children, working full time and one having a severe disability. She is so overwhelmed right now she can't do it. I am praying she will though because I think she has a lot to share.

I am a newer reader to your blog. Would you mind if I put you on my blog roll and you can place me on yours? Thanks!

Maddy said...

Ooo that's far too creative for me. I always wonder how people do those different coloured fonts! Well out of my league dearie.

J said...

Marla: You are so welcome. I believe it is important for us blogger moms to both give and receive a little support.

I'm glad you like the themes. I'm going on a little hiatus this week, but will be back with a theme a week from now.

I hope your mom contributes her insights to your blog. If she remains overwhelmed then maybe interviewing her would be more doable. You could ask five or ten questions (in a survey form) that she could answer at her convenience.

As for the blogroll thing, I'm a newbie who depends on her husband for tech support. I'm hoping to add one in the coming weeks or months, so if you want to wait to add my blog until I get "rolling" that's OK.

J said...

Maddy: I may stay away from colored fonts in the future to avoid overwhelming readers.
Anyway, colored fonts aren't too hard to do, although I think your blog looks great as it is. It has style.

If you want to experiment, (this is how it work on Blogger), all you have to do is highlight your text and click on the "T" by the B for Bold and I for Italics, etc. A box with colors should appear. Select your color and voila you have a new look.

Thank you very much for the positive reinforcement on your latest post. It's much appreciated.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Thank you for your kind words Julie and for your inspiring posts!
I know the feeling of being 'tired out'. I really hope you can take some time to recharge your batteries and find some renewed energy!