Friday, February 8, 2008

Five Playtime Ideas for Young Children with Autism and Their Sibs

Here are some ideas for parents who might have one or more children on the spectrum as well as a child or two that are neuro-typical. I suppose the success of these activities depends on where all the children are in a developmental sense. My nine year old (with ASD) and my five year old (without ASD) boys like these ideas. I borrowed these pointers from the Autism Society of America Website. Feel free to visit the site to view their entire list.

1. Hide trinkets inside a ball of clay or playdough for your child to find.
(Small units of monetary change would work too!)
2. Make an art project with glitter and glue.
(Be sure to have favorite colors available!)
3. Roll and bounce your child on a large exercise ball.
(Have more than one ball on hand or you may have trouble. Also make sure the balls are the same size. Have learned from experience!)
4. Let your child wave lightweight scarves; he will enjoy seeing the colors and fabrics move.
(Dancing or moving to music with these scarves is a great idea too.)
5. Bury small prizes in a box of dried beans or rice for your child to find.
(I would avoid rice because it is a lot messier than beans. Dried pasta might be a better option as well).


Marla said...

Great tips. No siblings here but some seem fun anyway!

Anonymous said...

this web blog is great, it gives inventive ideas and allows activities to take place on an individual and one to one level, keep up the good work!!

J said...

To anonymous: Thanks. I'm glad you liked this post. : )