Monday, February 11, 2008

My Son with ASD: On Getting Older

I can always count on a little bit of realism from my nine year old. Here are two recent examples.

My son: "When I grow up I can buy all the ice cream, cottage cheese and yogurt I want."

My husband: "Well, if you really want to do that when you get older, you can."

Explanation: Eliminating most milk products from his diet seemed to reduce his asthmatic symptoms and also reduced behavioral problems.

My Son: "When you get older, you're gonna die!"

Explanation: He added this little tidbit when wishing his babysitter a happy birthday. She just turned 23. "K" just laughed. She's kind of used to him because she's been our main babysitter for almost two years.

Note: My guy can usually be counted on for the truth. At least when he saw me with my first pair of glasses last night (a definite sign of getting older), he said I looked good. It's nice because with the few pounds I gained from not being to get out for my walks, I'm feeling rather unattractive. The glasses don't make me feel much better. However, rather than receive the compliment for what it was, I prodded him a little.

Me: "They look silly don't they?"

My Son: His head moved back and forth in "no" fashion.

My thoughts: Sometimes it seems that kids can be counted on more for truthful statements. I suppose people on the spectrum are more or less known for this sort of truthfulness as well. But are all individuals with ASD always truthful? My son is maturing and he often surprises me (in a good way most of the time) with the things he says and does. I wonder if he will be as truthful when he is older. If he is as truthful; will that be a good thing? Or will too much honesty get him into some trouble? Time will tell...


Elissa - Managing Autism said...

They are very truthful aren't they!! Even sometimes when perhaps they could be a little more tactful.. at least we know where we stand with our kids!

J said...

We sure do!

Casdok said...

Even though my son dosnt speak, he is very honest with how he feels!!

J said...

There are many ways besides speech to communicate effectively aren't there?