Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Thought on Feb. 13 From My Son with Autism: "It's Valentine's Day Eve!!"

"It's Valentine's Day Eve!," my guy with autism declared yesterday.

'Ok, that's a new one,' I thought. However, he did have a point, because like Christmas there is planning and work to be done the day before in regards to February 14.

Shopping is probably the number one task for most adults. My husband and I helped our boys buy the cards for to give to their classmates at school well in advance. However, both he and I did the rest of our shopping (separately, of course) yesterday. Two stores that I visited to buy Valentines Day and birthday stuff for my husband were quite crowded--especially the aisles with the Valentine's Day merchandise and cards.

The main job for our kids was to sign cards for everyone in their respective classes. My oldest son had an extra amount to sign. He attends both a regular second grade class and a special education class. He had to take care of a total of 42 cards. He grew tired, so I helped out with twelve of them. My younger son, 5, (whose preschool party was yesterday) one signed about half (seven) of his before whining enough for me to get exasperated and finish them myself.

Anyway, if you didn't notice, my guy with autism gets excited about holidays and birthdays. I think he gets that from my mom who died 11 years ago. She lived for the holidays and so does my son. She would be proud. As for him, he'll have great fun today at his Valentine's Day party in school. I don't know if he'll be able to attend the parties for both classes, but he would if he could.

Card companies might want to take notice of my kid who would make a great employee when he grows up. He has a lot ideas and excitement to offer, which would probably make Hallmark or other card giant a lot of extra money. Adding one more day to Valentine's Day in the term's of Valentine's Day Eve may help those card companies as well as candy and toy makers stay in the black.

Stores would love it because people would have to start shopping earlier--February 12 for most of us. Grocery stores and restaurants would profit to because Valentines Day Eve would mean people would want to have a special meal on the night of Feb. 13 as well as Feb. 14.

Adding an extra day to this February holiday would give Cupid about just as much repsonsibility as Santa Claus. I could see Cupid in his fictional form loving it because his iconic status would grow. He could deliver presents if he wanted to on the night before--just like the jolly old elf. Where would cupid leave the gifts? I don't know, but there's a potential moneymaker right there. Our poor wallets.

The words "Happy Valentine's Day Eve" is cute coming from a kid, but I think most people (especially singles!) would be happy to pass on the chance to celebrate the night before. I know I would--especially because my husband's birthday falls on Feb. 13 and I have to shop and prepare for that day as well as for Feb. 14. So my preference is to keep the official holiday to one 24-hour period.
Happy Valentine's Day!!


Casdok said...

Happy Valentines day to you to!!

Marla said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I miss making twenty some cards for M's class. Now, we just have to make as many as we can think of for friends and family.

ashi said...

i hope your kid had a blast on the valentine's day eve.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Happy Valentines to you all, and I think your son definitely has a calling in the 'holiday' marketing industry...