Sunday, February 3, 2008

Special Olympics Bowling Update

Today's practice bowling session for Special Olympics in Mt. Pleasant was held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. My guys both improved from last week. My nine year old scored a 45 (up from 26) and my husband scored an 86 (up from 79). So far the bowling method for the smaller guy is to place the ball on the lane and let it roll, although my husband said our kid tried to throw it a few times. He does have the ability to at least try and imitate what others are doing, so hopefully someday he'll be able to bowl using the standard method.

I am proud to say that my athlete's behavior was excellent. My husband spelled out the expectations and that helped a lot. Bathroom trips, arguing, and running around in general was minimized. Today he sat quiety in his chair and waited for his turn, which is a very important social skill to learn. We do feel blessed he has this opportunity to get out and learn about athletics and sportsmanship in general.

Where was I? Cleaning up our house for tonight's Super Bowl Party. We'll have a bunch of librarians here watching the Super Bowl. That sounds a little strange doesn't it? Only a few of them will actually be watching the game; some of them will be playing Scrabble with me.

Where was the five year old? Watching Scooby Doo, his favorite cartoon. I'm not sure how he'll do tonight. He doesn't like football at all and he's a bit young for Scrabble.

The older one has started to say football is his favorite sport. He also loves the part where they sing the American National Anthem at the beginning. He knows almost all the words to the Star Spangled Banner.


Casdok said...

Hope the party goes well! :)

J said...

It went all right. Thanks. : )