Saturday, March 1, 2008

CREATIVE CORNER SATURDAY: "I want to fly too," by my youngest son


The Poem by "little C":

"I Want to Fly Too"

I will fly too
With my beautiful wings

I will be a butterfly
And my brother will be one too

Talents Featured: Poem as said to me by my youngest son (then three). It was inspired by the picture I drew for him.

The scan was done by my oldest son, on the autism spectrum. It's not a perfect scan, but it will have to do as time and patience seem to be limited today. Just visualize an even border.

The picture was actually drawn by me for my youngest son (see story at end of post). The original was done in pencil, but tracing with a felt tip pen was necessary for scanning purposes.

Back Story: Two years ago, I was at the dining room helping my older son work on a picture. He drew something that looked like a big beetle. After conversing a little with him I discovered it was an airplane.

"I'm going to fly," my son said.

"I want to fly too!" my little one said. Knowing my little guy couldn't draw that well, I whipped out a piece of pink construction paper and grabbed a pencil. It never occured to me to draw an airplane. Instead a smiling butterfly appeared on the paper. It was smiling because my little one always smiles.

"Yay!" The artwork passed muster. Then the little guy surprised me by uttering the above featured words--words I still consider to be his first poem. After he said those words, I promptly drew another butterly to represent his brother.

"Little C" hasn't said anything quite as poetic since, but I think he'll appreciate this story when he gets older. The above artwork and poem on this post will be featured on a scrapbook page.

As for me, I'm hoping both boys will soar to high heights as they mature. We have certain challenges in our home, but "flying" is definitely possible.


Casdok said...

Lovely words, im sure they will soar far. :)

Marla said...

Beautiful! I love kids art work. So much fun!

Maddy said...

Nip on over and pick up your awards dearie.

Anonymous said...

What a neat story, complete with artwork and a poem! At our house, our kids talk about bunnies, but they like butterflies too!

Uncle Hal

J said...

Thanks Hal. Yep, your kids definitely like bunnies. Tell everyone I said hello. Thanks for commenting.