Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Diary of an Autism Advocate 1.1b: Meetings and More Meetings!

This weeks theme: Diary of an Autism Advocate

Fun Fact
: My sons asked to accompany me to all three meetings on my calendar for this week. I'm not sure why! They would have been a little bored.

Yesterday evening my parent group met at a local campus child development lab. Eight or nine children were watched for free by members of the Association for the Education of Young Children while nine mom's in another room made autism awareness ribbons to sold at autism awareness events in April. Proceeds from the sale are to benefit the pending Central Michigan ASA chapter. My guys would have actually enjoyed playing with the other kids, but those of us who plan these things tend to get concerned about not overwhelming volunteers with too much work or in our case too many children. So my guys stayed home with their dad, who is being very understanding this week.

Anyway, we had a fun evening with lots of chatter and productive activity. I think craft night (making the pins) was a hit. Dozens of pins were made and time went by quick.

In a scheduling glitch, we had our Central Michigan ASA (status pending) meeting tonight from 6:30 to 7:30. That meant four of us had back to back meetings (in terms of evenings) this week. The glitch wasn't anyone's fault. We were more concerned about who could come to the meetings when rather than our calendar as a whole.

Most of the time tonight was spent discussing getting liability insurance, sending in the ASA Chapter Application packet and finalizing the our extensive calendar of autism awareness events. We have a ton of activities planned for Autism Awareness Month which took some time to discuss. I was impressed that we finished in an hour. Maybe it was the back to back meeting thing and the fact that our president is in the middle of a heavy work schedule (her day job, not ASA matters).

Tomorrow is my son's annual Individual Educational Plan meeting. It should go OK. He has made a lot of progress since my husband and I started attending these meetings five years ago.
I already received what I wanted which was to have my son attend the same school he is attending next year. As long as my guy keeps progressing, I'm happy. This meeting should only run about an hour as well.

Tomorrow evening's commitment should be more fun. My son is going to help a graduate student and professor (who attended tonight's meeting) give a presentation on the art camp he attends. They are going to do a demonstration of the intake process for the summer arts camp my son attends. The grad student my son will "help" is the arts camp director. My guy doesn't know about the class visit yet, but he'll be delighted. He loves college students and being a special visitor to their classes. Of course, I'm the proud mom in the background. My guy is proof that individuals with autism have a lot to offer.

It's been a busy week already, but a lot has been accomplished by my group. I have to admit, though, that I'm glad that there are not any meetings on my schedule for the next week. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Sure does sound like a busy week. Your group sounds great. Good luck at the IEP.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

It does sound like a really hectic week!