Monday, March 17, 2008

Update Week: CanadianWalker/Autism Advocate Has his Own Website

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day which means that in a just a few days Spring will officially begin. Thus, my theme for this blog is Spring Cleaning. Actually, I'm just freshening up a few old posts in the form of updates.

Today's feature is an update on a post about Stefan Marinoiu, the man who took a spontaneous long walk (450 kilometers or about 280 miles) through a blizzard in the Canadian Winter. His mission was to walk to Canada's Capitol, Ottawa, and raise autism awareness. His frantic daughter (his walk really was spontaneous) set up a Facebook group asking for help tracking her dad.

As a result people not only helped track him, but also helped him by offering food and shelter for the night. His daughter's efforts can also probably be credited with getting her dad some media attention. He did get a press conference and the opportunity to speak to some politicians in Ottawa.

I found out from one his daughter's updates that Stefan has had a website donated to him and his cause by the mixed community club. The name of the site is: ANSAW (Autism National Solution Awareness Walk.) You'll find a couple of pictures of Stefan (one on his walk), a list of newspaper headlines, and a newspaper article. There is also an opportunity to donate to his cause if anyone is interested.

An excerpt from my earlier post:

"Upset with a lack of services for his 15-year-old son with autism, he walked out the door of his home on January 31 in Toronto and set off for a long winter walk in Canada (450 kilometers or about 280 miles). This man, Stefan Marinoiu, is forty nine years old and diabetic. One of his legs causes him some pain. Marinoiu's walk seems to be spontaneous although it seems his walk was to end at the start of a hearing for an autism-related lawsuit. He did not tell anyone that he was to make the trek. He just left. His family, of course, worried about him--even after they figured out what he was up to. According to a recent online article in the Ottawa Citizen he's gone through a couple of blizzards. His daughter, Lia Margarita Marinoiu, has been keeping tabs on him and is providing updates on his progress on her Facebook site."


Casdok said...

Very inspiring!
I did a trek in the Himalayers for disabled children and we encountered a blizzard. But nothing on the scale of this man!
Happy Paddys Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I heard that story too. I could never walk that far. I also wondered what his family did without him at home?

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Happy Saint Patricks Day to you to!

I'm off to check out more on this story... it's incredible what people do!

J said...

To Casdok: Awareness Walks are fantastic--no matter what the scale. : )

To Marla: I think I could walk that far (putting safety concerns aside), but my family would object! I'm wondering if his wife or daughter became a little angry at him for just taking off like that.

To Elissa: Yes, that walk was incredible wasn't it. Wonder if he'll get a book deal/movie out of it.

Here's another story you may enjoy. It's not about a walk, but it does feature a certain frog lover I know. (