Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Successful Family Game Night

Five families and at least fifteen college-student volunteers gathered at the Bovee University Center on Central Michigan University's campus for family game night. Volunteers from the Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), the Association for Education of Young Children (AEYC), and the Speech/Communication Disorder program played games with the eight children attending. Some of the volunteers guarded doors to protect potential escapees as child safety is always a concern.

Parents had the opportunity to play games such as Fact or Crap or Rummy (a card game) while their children played and had a great time. Games brought for the kids included Candy Land, Electronic Bingo, Uno, and a card match game. Play tents, crayons and puzzles were also on hand.

My thoughts: My guys love game nights with the college students. They always get plenty of attention. I heard my oldest sing his favorite song a couple of times. He's always looking for a captive audience. This game night didn't seem any more spectacular than the other two we've attended. However, my son made this declaration:

"This is the Play Date Ever!"

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