Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Family and April Fools Day

Month's Theme: Autism Awareness

It felt like April Fools Eve last night--except for no one was really the fool. It was more like "Topsy Turvy" night. I wasn't feeling well, so my husband did the dishes and read the books to our boys.

I was checking an email when I heard a chorus of "Mommy, the Snow Woman" coming from upstairs. One of the boys chose Frosty the Snow Man for one of the two books to be read. It's too irresistible to sing rather than to read the words, so we always sing them whenever that book is read.

I suspect the change of words was my biggest guy's idea. Even though I'm more interested in seeing Spring flowers than snowmen or snow women right now, the song put a huge smile on my face. April Fools Day Eve was a good one for me, despite feeling rather blah. I took the evening off, was able to sleep in some this morning and am feeling a bit better today.
Last night (before the books were read) was the first time I remember my husband and I having a conversation with my son, nine and diagnosed with autism, about *April Fools Day. He figured out what Halloween, Christmas and Easter was long ago. My husband asked him if he knew what tomorrow was.

"What is tomorrow?" our son responded in a somewhat echolaic fashion.

"It's April Fools Day."

"What's April Foods Day?"

"It's when people play jokes on other people."

My five year old, not on the spectrum, giggled. I think April Fools Day will be big with him in the future. My other guy loves all calendar occasions, but we'll have to wait and see if he can or if he'll want to embrace this one.


Casdok said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Happy April fools day!!!

Marla said...

Yesterday was the first time we discussed April Fool's Day with M too! She has only recently been willing to tolerate jokes of any kind. She had lots of silly ideas to play on Dad. One was putting a zebra in the kitchen to scare him. Not sure how we would come up with that one!

J said...

To Casdok: Am feeling much better now. Thanks. : ) Hope you had a good day too.

To Marla: My guy didn't show any inclination of playing jokes, but he did tell dad "Happy April Fools Day!" when my husband came home for work.

My day: My little guy who loves to eat them whole left a tomatoe lying on the floor. I stepped on it and it felt like cat do-do throuh my sock. It was inadvertant, but the joke was on me.

J said...

P.S. Loved the Zebra story Marla! Yep, our kids definitely have imagination. : )