Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008

When I woke my nine year old son with autism up this morning I asked him if he knew what day it was. His answer came in the form of a sleepy, husky whisper, but I heard him.

"Earth Day."

I wasn't surprised he knew as my guy has a fascination with the calendar and the special days marked on it. I'm pretty sure he learned about Earth Day at school although protecting the environment has also been one of his mom's favorite issues. We recycle and hopefully as my two boy's mature, we'll even do even more. I have my guy take down newspapers, cans, cardboard, etc. from the kitchen to the blue recycle box in the basement. His little brother, who is afraid to go down there alone, helps him sometimes.

My oldest also helps to recycle at school. His class teams up with a fourth-grade class at a school to sort the school's materials for recycling. I am not sure how often they do this, but I'm glad the teachers are teaching them the importance of recycling--not just on this day, but for the whole school year.

For a 2008 Earth Day Quiz for adults/teenagers go here. For a web page that lists a few earth friendly sites for kids go here. Another site lists ten ways for kids to participate in Earth Day. Some of the ways are appropriate for children with autism. Some may be a little difficult.
The most inclusive activity I can think of in terms of ability levels is coloring. The many earth day pictures on this site appear in color but if you click on the letters B &W, a page to color will pop up.

Today we are having wonderful, mild 70-degree weather in Michigan. My boys and I will most likely celebrate our earth's beauty by spending part of this day outside. How did you celebrate Earth Day 2008?


M said...

What, they had school on Earth Day?


Anonymous said...

Woah. You changed the look of your blog and it freaked me out for a minute. ;)

Earth Day is a good day. I wish I could say we did something special but we did not. M has very little concept of time and days so there is always tomorrow.

That is great your son is so into days.