Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Night Owls

I have so many stories from just the last week that I won't be able to share them all. Here is my favorite about my two sons:

Night Owls
My husband left for Salt Lake City, Utah for a four-day conference last Tuesday, April 22. A trip to China last summer and a conference to Hawaii in January preceded his latest adventure.

Well, my boys noticed a pattern. Their dad brought them home at least three or four souvenirs a piece from both trips. I received gifts too. The occasions of his returns seemed like Christmas!

On the day that my husband was to return from his Utah trip, both boys started talking about the gifts they would receive. (Yes, I guess they are a bit spoiled!). However, their dad wasn't due home until 12:30 a.m.--way past their 9-9:30 p.m. bedtime. We went through the bedtime routine as usual and I went back downstairs to create and print out programs for the Tribute Walk that was to occur the next afternoon.

I had been in the middle of a painting job on my oldest son's room so that my husband wouldn't have to deal with the chaos that surrounds such work. He's not a big fan of new paint jobs. Transforming a room from blueberry blue to rice paper white (as requested by my son), has been no easy task.

Preparing the room with tape, etc. and putting on two coats of primer took much longer than I thought. I had to suspend the work on Saturday so that I could work on details for my big event the next day. This meant that both boys were tucked in together in my youngest son's small bedroom. (As of today, clean up from the paint job and the job of putting back bedroom furniture still needs to be completed.)

Is it needless to say that my boys that couldn't settle down? I tried my best to get them to go to sleep, but I needed to focus on my work as much as possible. All I can say was thank goodness the next day was Sunday. We didn't have to worry about getting up for school!

What happened when their dad returned just after 12:30 a.m.? My husband and his boss (who drove him home) were greeted by two giggling, happy boys in pajamas. They actually ran out to the car! The oldest gave him a welcome home card.

The boys received t-shirts with Utah logos (as did I), and three other gifts that suited their personalities. My youngest received a wooden animal and Native American set, a small box of shiny rocks and a small stuffed bear. My oldest received a wooden frog pen, a small stuffed frog and a paper back children's book. I received a Deer Christmas Ornament from Antelope Island (in the middle of the Great Salt Lake) and I believe my teal t-shirt was from the island as well.

Yes, the boys slept in the next morning. I was out of the door to chalk out the directions for the memorial walk by 8:30 a.m., but my husband said they didn't get up until 10:30 a.m. My little night owls definitely did not transform into early birds the next morning. I suppose that was a blessing. Smiles--jml.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure my sinus infection is from painting our bathroom. I just can't handle chemicals anymore. Years of being in a dark room did that to me, I think. I hope you get the room done too. I tried to be Superwoman and get that bathroom done before Joe got home as well. I did and it about killed me. I don't think it was worth my effort.

M is always pretty excited to see J after his many trips as well. She is much more moody than it seems your sons are about the going and the returning home though. J began collecting a spoon for her on every trip. Now, she has spoons from all over the world and loves to put them in a row and talk about each one. Last time he brought her home a Webkinz as well. She was loving that!

sara said...

I just stumbled on your blog,I too am a mom of an autistic boy. He is 13 now.Fortunately we are getting him back slowly but surely. Hang in there. It took us many years of trusting our MD's way too much and getting no where, until we started our own research and started homeopathic treatment here in Michigan. Take care,