Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tribute Walk and Vigil Held Today

Here are the left and right views from a bridge leading into Island Park in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. This peaceful place was a perfect spot to hold a vigil for a little boy that died last December. The vigil consisted on tossing out donated rose and other flower petals over the rail of the bridge. The words chosen to be chalked out in white at this spot was "reflect and love." Little and big kids blew bubbles as they crossed the bridge.
The turnout for the walk was wonderful. More than 150 people came out to honor the eight year who died four days before Christmas. His funeral was Christmas Eve, so this event gave many a second chance to pay their respects.
The walk looped around back to the park for a total of 2.2 kilometers or 1.3 miles. It ended with poems and memories at the reception in one of the park's pavilions.
The little boy we remembered today loved apples so twenty green and yellow wire baskets of were filled with Ida Reds, Golden Delicous, Gala, and Red Delicious apples. The baskets were placed in the center of each table.
He also loved Twizzlers, Oreos, and Teddy Grahams, so those foods were served too along with healthy options such as veggie and fruit platters. A school inclusion group and mothers of children with autism donated the food.
My thoughts: As a co-planner of this event, I was happy with the turnout and the weather. We had a beautiful crisp day with not many glitches in our plans. I'm hoping it was a memorable day for those participating. Our purpose was to honor a wonderful, beautiful little boy and to show support for his grieving family. Hopefully the goal was met.


Casdok said...

Sounds lovely. Very glad to hear it went so well.

J said...

Thanks. : )