Thursday, May 8, 2008

And Life Goes On

We are back in Mt. Pleasant now after being in Northwest Ohio for the last six days. My nine-year-old son with ASD went back to school today and my husband went back for a half-day of work at Central Michigan University where they are between Spring and Summer sessions.

My son has two back-to-back activities after school today. He has Special Olympic track practice from 4:15 to 5:30 and will ride a horse in his Proud Equestrian Program (PEP) beginning at 6:45. Thankfully Thursdays is the only day with two activities.

It might be difficult for my guy to get through both activities tonight because we arrived at home around 10 p.m. last night. My child will be exhausted. My big concern is how school will go tomorrow. It's hard enough for a neuro-typical person to control behavior when exhausted. Hopefully my young son with ASD will be able to manage.

As tiring as those activities seem, going back today is a necessity. There's something comfortable about returning to one's routine. Our hope is that our life will be somewhat 'normal' for awhile. I am hoping to get back to weekly themes here at this blog soon. I keep thinking that will happen and then something comes up. Hopefully, I'll get rolling with a theme on Monday.

As for me personally, I'm tired with an unshakable headache. I'm slowly unpacking and cleaning up the house as I keep an eye on my five year old son who has been watching way too much television today.

However, I'm fortunate to have caring friends and family. We've received several cards and emails expressing sympathy for the loss of my dad. I've appreciated all the support. This coming year won't be easy, but I'll manage. Take Care--jml.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to get some rest. Getting back into the routine will help.

Don't worry about the too much television. Sometimes that just happens when so much is going on. It will be okay. I know when I am stressed and tired I watch television sometimes to just not have to think. I think that is okay too.

Hugs. Hugs. and more hugs.