Saturday, May 17, 2008

Five Favorite Things Meme

Well, I'll have to say that I'm ready for some fun. It's Saturday, a perfect day to do a tag since I'm between themes at the moment. Marla Baltes, tagged me with a Five Things Meme a couple of weeks ago. So here it goes in some of my favorite colors nontheless:

Five Things

Five things found in your bag:

1. Old receipts (always seem to have enough to make a pile).

2. Wallet (with photos of my guys and the usual necessary stuff).

3. Checkbook (unless my husband has it because we share this!)

4. Two shell casings from a Military Funeral salute that will go to my two sons when they are old enough to keep track of them.
5. Song sheet from funeral in question with these three hymns: Amazing Grace, In the Garden, How Great Thou Art.

Five favorite things in your room:

1. My Grandmas Quilt on my quilt rack.

2. My bed (with decorative wrought iron head and foot boards) bought with wedding gift money
almost thirteen years ago.

3. My dresser, chest and nightstand set, boughttwo years ago to match the bed.

4. A worn copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

5. My jeans, t-shirts, and Nikes! My "mom uniform" is often accessorized by a pony tail holder taken from a collection a bathroom drawer and a hoodie from the coat closet in our foyer.

Five things you have always wanted to do:

1. Write a book.

2. Visit somewhere outside of the continental United States like Ireland!

3. See the following U.S. Landmarks: Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, The Mall in Washington D.C., New York City including Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, and Isle Royale National Park (in Michigan.)

4. Go on a long distance super hike.

5. Move back to Ohio to be closer to family, but that is out of the question for now. : (

Five things you are currently into:

1. Blogging, of course!

2. Volunteering for an Arts Camp, Central Michigan ASA, and my sons' schools.

3. The TV Show Lost and these new summer movies: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and the latest M. (Manoj) Night Shyamalan film, The Happening.

4. Enjoying the beautiful Spring Weather by hiking and going to parks!!

5. Losing the ten pounds I gained this winter. Have five more to go!

Five people you’d like to tag:
This one was quite difficult for me because my community of bloggers is tiny (but treasured). So I'm extending myself here. Maybe my blogging world will expand a little as a result. Some of these bloggers may be vaguely familiar with my blog, but others do not know who I am!! So this will come as a complete surprise. Some bloggers here are fairly new, so maybe your blogging world will expand a little too. Smiles--jml.

1. Sarah's Take Five

2. Sibling Center

3. My Homeschooling Autism

4. The Stimming Spot: Family Life with Autism and Asperger's

5. My Two Boys


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag. I will get my post going soon:)

Marla said...

So glad you did this! It was great learning more about you. We love Lost here too. We are catching up via DVD though so I have no idea what is happening right now in Lost.

I want to go to Ireland too. Australia as well.