Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Learning Special Olympic Track Skills

This weeks Theme: Lorenzen Family Feat week. In other words, this week I'll be blogging about things I am working on in regards to my son's special needs. My guy has ASD and kidney ailments. Most of my posts this week will be related to autism. Tuesday's post relates to both of his conditions.

Run boy, Run!

Yeah, it's near the end of track season!! I ran track in junior high for two years and in high school for four, so I thought that getting my son through his first season of Special Olympics track would be easy. Instead I became his personal track aide because the ratio of coaches to athletes was way above the 1:4 ratio my son needs in most learning situations. At nine years of age, my son is the youngest and smallest athlete on the field. My little guy needs a lot more guidance than the older more experienced athletes who have been participating for years.

Here are ten things he needs or needed to know while participating in the 50 yd dash, the 100 yd dash and the softball throw:

1. That a lane means the space between two white lines.
2. That crossing a line means one will get disqualified.
3. What disqualified means!
4. What good sportsmanship means (for example, no yelling at the other athletes!).
5. To finish the race no matter how far behind one is.
6. That losing a race is OK. Participating is about having fun.
7. That second and third place finishers are also winners (and later he will learn that sometimes
awards are given up to sixth or even tenth place.)
8. When/where to stop running!
9. How to throw overhand instead of underhand.
10. How to step forward while throwing.

Wait I have one more!

11. What a coach is and how to listen to the coach instead of doing one's own thing like running by oneself around the track.

We have at two more practices (that last a very long one hour and 15 minutes) to go. The State Games for Michigan will be here in Mt. Pleasant Michigan from May 29-31. Wish us luck!!

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sara said...

Best of luck to you and your special guy at the Olympic games!! We are rooting for you!