Monday, May 26, 2008

A Memorial Day Tradition

Image: A statue honoring veterans at Island Park in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

My oldest son's words today was "good morning dad. Happy Memorial Day." Both of my boys and their thirteen-year-old overnight guest are looking forward to the parade today. What did my two boys put on? Red, white and blue! They did this on their own accord.

Anyway, I think the procession will end at the memorial pictured above, unlike other years where the parade ended in the town square where there is another veteran's memorial. When we first moved here five years ago we were surprised to see that there were similar memorials all over town. I haven't seen another city so dedicated to honoring veterans.

It seems fitting then that our family started the tradition of attending the parade in this city. The boys have started to look forward to it. I just hope then, that we don't get into trouble with my son who has ASD if we can't make it to the parade one year. I guess that is what social stories are for! Otherwise I am happy with this tradition. Traditions like attending annual parades provide great opportunities for a family to bond. I hope everyone has a great day!

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