Monday, June 9, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beholding the Beauty of Dandelions

My five year old recently picked a bouquet of flowers for me. I'm can't quite remember what the purple flowers are, but I'm pretty sure he snitched them from a neighbor's yard. We'll have to work on respecting other people's gardens!! I pretty sure though, that no one minded that he picked their dandelions.

Oh, the dandelions! I remember picking a humongous bouquet of them for my teacher during recess as a third grader. I plucked them from the big field behind my elementary school. There were plenty left when I was done.

I'm not sure how my teacher felt, but I thought the "flowers" were beautiful. I have always admired dandelions. However, my husband and neighbor do not like them. They believe they are weeds to be eliminated. Every year to my dismay (because of environmental reasons as well), a garden service comes to both yards to spray for dandelions and other weeds. As a result we have the "weedless" lawn that many homeowners find ideal.

So many people find dandelions to be a nuisance. The beauty of that "weed" is lost on them, but their perspective is lost on me. To me dandelions represent so much.

When my older son on the spectrum was the age of my youngest, he called dandelions "bumble bees." I can imagine the misunderstanding that occurred. A bumble bee was probably hovering over a dandelion when I pointed the insect in question out.

At age nine, my guy now knows the difference between bumble bees and dandelions. It's something I can rejoice in when I think about the progress he has made. The efforts of speech therapists and his parents have paid off. So has his desire to be understood.

So now, to me the dandelion isn't just a bright beautiful flower. It's also a symbol of progress.

Thoughts about the Photo: I know today's picture would never win a photography prize. While it's perfectly clear in print form, it's a bit out of focus here. It also has been admittedly cropped. As a scrapbook feature, however, this photo has a lot of potential. Accompanied with the story above with the said cropping and the right choice of paper colors, the image above will be as treasured as my memories.


Maddy said...

"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill
except for learning how to grow in rows."
- Doug Larson
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I love the quote Maddy wrote.

I can't stand them but I sure do appreciate your insight on them. I remember making Dandelion necklaces and making the "head pop off". ;)

The photo is beautiful.

Kayci said...

I think it is wonderful how children can make us look at the world in such a more simple beautiful kind of way. I know both of your boys have done that for me many times. Also, I dont think you could find a better picture than that one to capture the wonderful personality and soul of your youngest boy. Thanks for linking me here, I surely needed a smile :) Peace and Love

J said...

To Maddy: Thanks for the quote
from the guy who authored/drew the Far Side strip.

To Marla: Children definitely enjoy dandelions more than adults do!! I'm glad you liked the photo.

To Kayci: Yep, that one does capture him pretty well. : )I'm glad it made you smile. The boys miss you by the way...