Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Loving Dad Reacts to a Diagnosis

Theme: Dad's week

According to his wife Marla, her husband Joe makes a mean apple pie and is a terrific husband and father to their little girl . Their preteen was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder about a year ago and also displays autistic traits. When I put the request out for suggestions for dad's week, Marla told me about a post that Joe wrote back when their daughter was diagnosed. She said that even though he doesn't write much on his blog, One White Pixel, she loves the post he wrote after they received the diagnosis at the Cleveland Clinic.

I loved the post too and was impressed how Joe lovingly wrote about his daughter while also explaining the disorder (that involves extra matter on Chromosome 6) in terms everyone can understand. I also liked his profile where he writes that he has "an incredible wife" and "a perfect little girl." Below is an excerpt that captures Joe's reaction to his daughter's diagnosis.

From Joe:

"Now, as sad and heart breaking as this all is, I remind myself every time I remember to, that Maizie is wonderful and amazing and a triumph. She is as God created her. Raising her and being in her life is a great gift to Marla and I, proof that there must be a universal plan. If other people see the extra challenges this brings to our lives, there are a lot of extra joys and blessings. I really really like the genetic test results too: imagine the relief where for the first time in nearly 10 years, you are presented findings that your daughter is having problems and it's not diet related, not from being dropped or shaken, not from lack of love or heavy metal poisoning or allergies or magnetic fields from over head power lines or vaccines or because of a birthing factor or because of the Sign she was born under. Whew. "


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I shared this with Joe and he was quite happy to see you wrote of his post here. Thank you!

Joe is a great Dad!

Club 166 said...

I've followed Marla's blog for a long time, but wasn't aware that Joe had a blog, too.

Thanks for the heads up!

(another) Joe