Monday, June 23, 2008

Miracle: Wisconsin Man with Autism Found After a Week

Two fire fighters had been about to give up their search of what they thought was a recovery mission when they stumbled upon Keith Kennedy, the Wisconsin man with autism who had been missing for a week. The recovery mission bounced back into a rescue operation when Kennedy moaned.

He was naked, covered in insect bites, and dehydrated, but definitely alive. In a recent article, Kennedy's mother called the rescue "a miracle." I can only imagine her joy and relief. The rescue of her son came just before the search which involved hundreds of volunteers, was going to be scaled back.

I had been aware of Kennedy's disappearance since it occurred, but had not realized that he was on anti-rejection medication for a kidney transplant as indicated in another press release. Although, my own son is less likely to wander off and get lost, my child with autism/pdd-nos was born with one kidney and may also need a transplant someday. Hopefully the dehydration will not severely affect the young man's kidney condition. For now though, it is just great to know that he is alive.

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