Saturday, July 19, 2008

Article on Arts and Music Camp for Children on Spectrum

Photo: Here is the Finch Field House (built in 1951) where campers from Max's Place took on a rock climbing wall.

Today there was a beautiful front page article about my son's art and music camp, Max's Place, in my local newspaper, The Morning Sun. My guy and I were quoted extensively in the article, so you may want to take a look at the link here. My son's counselor (actually a paid employee) and another fellow camper, my son's friend, at the camp were also quoted. A nice surprise was that my blog was mentioned, complete with the url! That said, I thank the Sun reporter for the inclusion and welcome all new visitors from Isabella and Gratiot counties here in Central Michigan.

Here are my notes from behind the scenes: The photographer and reporter visited yesterday during our field trip to a rock climbing wall at Finch Field House on the campus of Central Michigan University. That field trip, held from noon to two p.m., was held the day after the last actual day of camp.

The grant-funded Max's Place was held on Mondays to Thursdays from 9-3 p.m. with Fridays reserved for trips. The best part was that the eight days were free to campers, albeit a $50-$75 fee for camp t-shirts and supplies. Campers were divided by age and participated in a daily art and music session. Creative Movement and Athletic Skill Development were also part of the programming. CMU football players dressed in their team jerseys dropped by at some point during the camp to toss a few balls around with the campers, all of which happened to be boys this year. (We had one girl attend camp in 2007.)

As for last week's field trip, Max's Place families met at 9 a.m. to go on a hike guided by a nature expert at Deerfield Nature Park, which is a few miles west of Mt. Pleasant in the country. Highlights of that trip was an Artesian Well, a covered bridge, an abandoned turtle's nest, and a swinging bridge. We also had a lunch with hot dogs, salads and desserts donated by Walmart whose employees cooked the hot dogs and set up the food.

Please note that while I'm the volunteer field trip coordinator known officially as a "community integration specialist", I cannot take credit for these last two wonderful field trips. They were organized by a paid staff member who did a terrific job. My fun job coordinating the trips will begin in August. I have plenty of ideas and will probably write about each trip after they occur. We try to schedule one per month although last year we missed meeting on three months due to inclement weather or busy schedules.

I am hoping to put up a few pictures taken during camp soon, but I need to get permission first. My son brought home a ton of art projects from his camp, but the best thing he brought home was a picture CD that was full of great pictures taken at camp. Because my son only told me about bits and pieces of his days at camp, the CD gave me the opportunity to learn more about how he spent those eight days.

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