Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photo Essay: Music, Art and More at Max's Place

Photos by Jeannette Schmeiser; Essay by Julie Lorenzen.

Max's Place is a camp designed to encourage social and emotional growth for children on the spectrum ages 7-17. In 2007, Music and Art were the predominant programs.

They still are, but science is a also small part of the two-week day camp. (Not pictured is the creative movement programming aspect also added in 2008.) Campers had some exposure to science during a nature walk at Deerfield Nature Park. Here is my guy with an artesian well. Campers were told the water was safe to drink, so many, like my son did.

Also new this year were the guitars. I'm not sure that my guy, age 9, was introduced this instrument at camp, but young teens like my son's friend were. P.L., 13, seemed to be getting the hang of it, as you can see.

Self portraits using mirrors were made by campers, but here my son is reverting to his old sign making ways. He did make a portrait, but he also had some time and space to make plenty of signs and of course, tons of pictures of froggys. Evidence of green paint is in the backgound!

Speaking of froggys, one day my son's counselor sent home a note. According to that little missive, my son had taught the younger group of campers in his section The Froggy Song. He also led group as everyone sang the song!

Various sculptures were made during daily art sessions. Here my son's best friend holds an airplane he made. When camp ended, my guy brought home a stepping stone, a froggy sculpture made out of painted, crumpled newspaper, and a clay sculpture of the library where my husband works.

I think all the adults working at the camp would agree with me, though, that the best part of the camp was all the smiles. I wasn't there, but I saw many smiling happy faces in the photo disc that my guy brought home. This one is a favorite of mine.


Casdok said...

Looks and sounds fab! And yes the smile says it all!!

Maddy said...

Wow, sounds like my kind of camp! Inside! Not that I'm allergic to camping per se, just the tent bit!


Anonymous said...

Oh! This looks wonderful! Music and art and play. What a great camp. I am glad it went so well. Love the pictures too.

Jeanette Schmeiser said...

I just want to say I had a good time this year. I know all the campers had fun, and yes the smiles say it all. And thank you for acknowledging my photos :-) Hope all is well

-Jeanette Schmeiser

J said...

To Casdok: Yes the camp is/was totally fabulous.

To Maddy: Yep, it was all inside!

To Marla: We loved the combination of activities too!

To Jeannette: I'm glad you had a great time working at the camp. You did a wonderful job taking the photos and deserved the credit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the smiles were the best! :)

Anonymous said...

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