Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo: A Lazy Summer Day?

No, my son is imitating the behavior of two young adults that he saw a few minutes before stretching his towel and then body out on the sand! This happened in late June of 2007 after attending the first arts and music camp for social and emotional growth. Coincidence? Maybe, but then again maybe not. As for the behavior shown, it only lasted about a minute which is good considering that his mom knows all about sun and skin damage!!
The second annual art and music day camp for children on the spectrum started at Central Michigan University a week ago today on July seventh. Camp will officially end on Thursday, but there will be an optional field trip at a rock climbing wall on Friday. My guy is much more receptive and happy at the camp this year. He loved the music portion the first summer, but said the art session was too long. This year he likes both sessions. As for social growth, I started noticing significant progress a few weeks after the camp last year. I hope I'll see some more in the future.


Maddy said...

Fingers crossed!

Casdok said...

A great lazy summer photo! And positive progress! Brillient to hear!

Anonymous said...

Cute photo. I hope camp goes well!