Monday, August 4, 2008

Knee deep in volunteer work: Fundraising and writing for CMASA

Central Michigan ASA's Golf fundraiser

My local autism advocacy group is having a Golf Outing fundraiser this Saturday. For now, this shy blogger is trying to sell 50/50 raffle tickets to everyone she knows. They are $5 a piece or five for $20. I'm hoping to sell fifteen or twenty. We'll see. Profits will also be made from $100 hole sponsorships and from team registrations. All the proceeds will go to Central Michigan Autism Society of America.

My inlaws are visiting today so I won't get to ask most people until tomorrow. Then my push for selling tickets will begin. Vacations and other delays have prevented board members from selling them sooner.

I think the fundraiser will be a big success in general. The father of a son with autism does fundraising for a living, so he knows what he is doing. We are happy that this father decided to help us out.

Our brand new nonprofit status gets us around gaming rules. We received chapter status from ASA late this Spring. We were pretty excited about getting accepted as an ASA chapter.

I'm trying to be as supportive of this event as possible despite not being a golfer or avid fundraiser. Hence, my drive to sell more tickets (and no I'm not asking readers to buy tickets at this time.) The point today is to document the efforts and to explain the slow down of posts to this blog. However, if you live in the Mt. Pleasant area and wish to purchase a ticket, please email me at julielorenzen(put in "at" symbol)

My Writing Project

My contributions to my group are usually writing oriented. That is where my talents seem to lie. So far, I have written our letter of intent to ASA, chaired the bylaws group, and composed the minutes for five board meetings so far as chapter secretary. The big writing project currently in my inbox is for CMASA's annual plan of action which is due soon. I'll be hoping to complete the plan of action this week while fitting in ticket sales. That said, I'm unsure if I'll be able to post again this week.

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Anonymous said...

I get tired just thinking about all the work you do. Enjoy your time with the in-laws.