Friday, August 29, 2008

My son's future school career

Theme week: Back to school

Yesterday I wrote about a post about my son's rather unusual public school career in the semi-special educational system. He's only in the third grade and already has been assigned to most of the elementary schools in our mid-sized district. It's not that he's that difficult to educate and that no one wants him. On the contrary, a lot of his teachers really like my boy as he makes them laugh and is enthusiastic and fun when he isn't being overwhelmed or headstrong.

Anyway, my son just got caught up in some major organizational switches. See his crazy school timeline here.

Here's his future timeline as will be probably suggested by the IEP team unless he gets caught in another switch or if we decide to go to a charter school, opt for homeschooling or move.

Fourth grade: Pullen Elementary School where he'd only be for one year.

Fifth and Six Grades: Fancher Elementary School

Seventh and Eighth Grades: West Intermediate School

Ninth to Twelfth Grade: Will they suggest the technical school, the alternative high school or the regular high school? Or will they suggest all three at different points of his high school career. I wouldn't say that is an impossibility. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised...


Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel. I want to tell you that as teachers, we are just as frustrated as you are. My wife and I are both special education teachers and we are both VERY committed to our students. Your Blog is outstanding - keep up the great work! I have a wide range of abilities in my MiCi classroom (middle school level). I challenge every single student and push them as far as they can go. I have one student who went to Delta College and earned a business degree. He is now a businessman in Bay City, Mi. (He owns group homes). I have another who put a roof on my best friend's house this summer. We never know where our students will end up (actually, they NEVER end up...they keep on trying hard to succeed). I am very pleased with the success of the programs in my district as I can point out former students who are now working at Home Depot, Staples, Glens, Kroger and many many more. I have to tell you, Mt. Pleasant Schools seems to have a lot going for them. Good luck this school year.

J said...

Thank you for your compliment and comment and also for the work you do. I do realize that the job of a special ed teacher isn't easy, even if one enjoys the job.

I'm impressed you've stuck with your job long enough to see a former student get a college degree. I know of a few former special ed teachers who have burned out and decided to go into regular education instead.

Yes, we are lucky to be in the Mt. Pleasant school system. We are generally pleased with the district, though dismayed a little with our special situation. However, I realize there could be worse things than being bounced around from school to school.

My son's new teacher used to teach in either the Bay City or Midland area before coming to Mt. Pleasant. I haven't had the opportunity to get to know her yet, but I'm hoping all goes well.

These are things I can visualize my son doing: Entering the Broadcasting/Cinema (BCA) program at CMU, taking photography or cooking classes at a community college, or working as a cashier at a grocery store. I guess it depends how motivated he is with his education in the present and future.

I hope you drop by with a comment again sometime. Take care--jml.