Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photos: Back to School Hair Cuts at Grandpa's Barbershop

Theme for the week: Back to school

Hair cuts used to be hard until Grandpa started giving his eldest grandson "fireman haircuts" when my guy was four. Until the idea of "fire man haircuts" came about, Grandpa needed a few extra hands to gently keep my distraught (squirming and screaming) son still. After the fireman idea appeared to be a hit with my son, hair cuts were much easier.

As a four year old, he beamed with pride when grandpa put "fire man lotion" in his hair. Now at ten, my son still gets lotion in his hair, but is too old for "fire man" hair cuts. However, he now loves to go to Grandpa's barber shop where his grandpa has cut hair part-time for more than 30 years. In fact, he often beats his brother (below) to the barber's chair to have his hair cut first.

My little one, now five, never had a "fire man hair cut" because he sat still from the beginning. However, like his brother, he does get the lotion and a treat from grandpa's candy bowl that is on hand for all the children who come in. Grandpa's barbershop is a three hour drive from my house, but we don't go anywhere else unless we can help it.
In the winter, we sometimes end up in a different barbershop in our hometown where someone else's grandpa cuts hair. That barber also has a candy dish...

Photos taken by Julie Lorenzen at the Anthony Wayne Barbershop.


Jayson said...


do not like haircuts. they feel very bad. your son handles that alot better than me and I am 30.

J said...

Hi Jayson. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience regarding haircuts.

My guy still gets a little nervous when grandpa's buzzer comes out, but it helps that he trusts the barber and that he is more hypo-sensitive than hypersensitive to touch.

Anonymous said...

actually i should thank you for the blog. It is nice to know that others have the same problems..okay, that did not come out right at all. I do not mean to say that I am happy that your son has autism....lol I should stop typing while I am "ahead." I am more hypersensitive to most stuff though there are some things that I am hyposensitive to. wow this only took about 15 minutes to write, if I keep going I could write another book. hmm it is not recognizing my password so i shall post annonymous.

J said...

No offense taken. You are welcome for the blog. Sometimes I wonder if my more personal posts are helpful to anyone, but they are my favorite posts to write.

My son's ears are hypersensitive in regards to hearing. Hence the nervousness when grandpa grabs his buzzer. Maybe someday he'll opt for a rocker-style shag to avoid the sound of the buzzer, but for now we'll stick to the standard boy hair cut. He seems happy enough with his haircuts. I forgot to mention that after each hair cut he always peers into the mirror in the back of grandpa's shop. We always hear, "Oooh, I look sharp!!"