Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Early Morning Conversation

When Words do not Connect
"I think I found a math tutor for our son."
"Me who?"
"Me who?"
"Me, Julie!"
"Oh, you. I thought you meant a Chinese College student."
"I guess I can see how you thought that. No, I meant I'll tutor him."
"Ok, then."


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! You must be good at math? I hate math and M seems to feel the same. I try to act like I love it but maybe she can sense that I so do not enjoy anything with numbers! Good luck with the tutoring.;)

J said...

I'm pretty good with math that goes up to the sixth grade! After that, we'd be better off hiring. The tutoring would go better if the little brother wasn't so interested in it. Oh well, I guess he'll get some good practice in that way. My older son is tolerating it.