Sunday, September 14, 2008

Template Change at Autism Blog

Periodically I like to change my template. Anyone who regularly reads this blog may have been thrown off temporarily by the sudden, unexpected change from blue to orange. It was a leap from one side of the color wheel to the other. I'm feeling the upcoming fall season!!

Changes in our home such as a new coat of paint only come with a great deal of planning and stress. Life becomes temporarily disrupted when a home improvement project comes a long. My quirky husband is the one who seems to be bothered the most by such changes. I try to paint whenever he leaves. The boys, including the one on the spectrum, get excited by painting projects. They become so excited that I have to arrange for babysitting unless I want paint in unintended places. The last project took four days and I do not relish the idea of future, but necessary painting projects.
In contrast, I clicked through the available templates late last evening, selected the one I contemplated a week or so earlier, clicked on the save template button and was finished. The whole process took five minutes at the most and was stressful to no one in my household. It was an easy way to get a desired change.


mommy~dearest said...

Ahhh! Reader having difficulty with the transition! My son, however, would loudly applaud your change. Orange is his favorite color... as he'll tell you 32 times a day.

Casdok said...

Very seasonal! And stress free!!

J said...

To Mommy Dearest: Yes, it does sound like your son would approve. My son with asd loves green!

To Cadok: Yes, my blog will soon match the great outdoors!

kristi said...

I think I have a problem with things getting boring. I am constantly changing furniture around, changing my hair, and changing my blog template!