Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Popcorn Month

In terms of a National 'Something' Month, most people in the U.S. think pink when October rolls around. They are less likely to think of white and yellow, the colors of popcorn. Yes it is National Popcorn Month. I learned that a short while ago when my son brought home an easy-to-read copy of a News-2-You newspaper from his special education class. The featured story was popcorn and I learned all about popcorn month. (See this link for a sample of News-2-you, but be prepared to read about a pop culture phenomenon instead of popcorn).

If you want to celebrate popcorn month, please see this link for a couple of cute craft ideas. As for me, I've had my fill of popcorn for awhile. I can honestly say that I fully celebrated National Popcorn Month to its fullest.

Last Friday I was a popcorn mom. I spent two-and-a-half hours filling, closing and delivering bags of popcorn in the school cafeteria. I probably could have popped a couple of batches or so, but I left the popcorn machine to the rest of the crew since unfamiliar gadgets/machinery and I don't really mix. In all, the school custodian, two aides in the Mici room, the teacher and I filled 352 orders, plus at least 30 small extra bags for the office. My son and his classmates helped a little here and there.

Friday popcorn days are fundraising opportunities for individual classrooms. Most schools in my area have popcorn Fridays. Each classroom gets assigned one or two popcorn Fridays a year. The bags sell for 50 cents a piece and are sold to staff and students. Sales tend to go up if a prize is offered for each bag. That was the promise last Friday. A Pixie Stix or two was popped (oops, sorry about the pun-well maybe not!) into each bag. My son's classroom did quite well in terms of profits.

Though it was a lot of busy work, it was fun and easy way for me to volunteer for the school. I see many popcorn Fridays in my future. I'm also predicting a chance to chaperon a field trip for a certain lucky popcorn Friday classroom. My son's teacher is thinking about using the money for an outing.

A Special Note: My guy (who has autism) was given the opportunity to make the popcorn announcement over his school's p.a. system. He was right in his element as he has been known to make announcements from our street corner (to my dismay). So I was glad he had the chance to do an announcement in a proper setting. The teacher said he did a good job. : )


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that he made the announcement. How exciting!

I love popcorn!

Casdok said...

A popcorn announcement! :)

And popcorn culture! I have a lot to learn!

But it all sounds great. And to use the money for an outing is an excellent idea.

marie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Christian loves popcorn.