Monday, November 3, 2008

Am Flying Today

Photo: Halloween 2008. Maybe there was a conscious reason why I chose this costume this year. Consciously, I picked it because it seemed to be one of the modest costumes in the stores.
Day 2
Dear readers:
Too bad my wings don't really work! Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers while I travel. I've been in jetliners, but have never flown over an ocean before.
Dear Lorenzen boys:
I'm going to fly during the night on a really big plane. I'll get to see a movie while I fly, but I don't know which one yet. I'll be in Ireland tomorrow and will return home in eleven more days. I love you very, very, very much. : )
Note: I'm taking a vacation in Ireland, but have scheduled some posts to be published. My husband, Michael, will be home to take our two boys to school. Michael might write a post or two while I'm gone. Please feel free to comment while I'm gone. They'll be published. : )


Casdok said...

Very angelic!!
Hope all goes well with the flight an you have a good film to take your mind off the ocean!

Hope Michael gets the boys to school on time!

M said...

"Hope Michael gets the boys to school on time!"

Hey, I can take care of the boys just fine! :]

Of course they were to school on time.


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty! I am sure traveling will go well. Very exciting!

Casdok said...

Oh good!!! :)