Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting by Without Julie

This is Michael. I am posting in Julie's absence as she visits Ireland. Things are going well here. The boys have adjusted well to Julie being gone and their daily routines are going on as they always have.

A few stories:

From my post Voting in the 2008 Presidential Election at the American Presidents Blog:

Despite predictions of long lines due to a high registration rate of college students in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, there was no line. We got right through and I was able to vote immediately. I will not reveal who I voted for but both of my boys gave me advice on the way in on who to vote for in the Presidential race. This did not surprise me as both boys have been following the election and have been making political comments for months. (At 5, I was not doing this! The world has changed!)

My youngest asked me after we left, "Who won?" I said I did not know yet. He was disappointed. He thought we would know right away. Hopefully, we will know tomorrow at this time. But who can tell? It might be another cliffhanger. Regardless, I voted. And my sons are proud.

I did not add the following to that post:

My oldest who is on the Autism spectrum was well behaved for the most part. While I was voting however he started yelling, "Your attention please! It is time to vote. Please vote for (name withheld!)" I silenced him immediately. Thankfully, he complied!

When I took the ballot to the tabulation machine, the same son got concerned. The machine looks like a shredder. He yelled, "Oh no, they are shredding your vote Dad!" Both the election official and myself assured him that this was not the case.

Julie called today. The boys enjoyed talking with her. They sent her e-mail last night with me typing for the younger boy. I think we can manage another week. :]

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Casdok said...

Glad to hear all is going well!
I think your son would make a great politician!!!